Fine Dining with a Homey Atmosphere @ Raymunds Snack & Dine - Ozamiz!

FINE DINING WITH A HOMEY ATMOSPHERE: Hello All! Our foodie series is not yet over as today we are going to introduce you to a new snack and fine dining hub with a homey minimalistic ambiance.

Welcome to Raymunds Snack & Dine - Ozamiz!
Raymunds' atmosphere sets the stage. It’s more than just a dining hub away from home with food literally taking the spotlight as well as the lighting, artwork and spacing combine to create comfort, intimacy and even romance.
Highly recommended. All delicious and beautifully presented. We will be back.
Come and dine at Raymunds Snack & Dine! They are located at Parojinog St., Aguada, Ozamiz City.
Sizzling Sisig
Sizzling Spareribs
Sizzling T-bone
Buffalo Wings
Caesar Salad
Grilled Blue Marlin
Overload Pizza
Taco Salad
Feel free to contact them through mobile # 0935 980 3167.

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