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People of Oroquieta” is a social media entity managed by Local Tribe Social Media Group which is mainly composed of people who are enthusiasts about current events, tourism, digital marketing and local updates. 

The group primarily features the province-wide hospitality & scenery of Oroquieta City and Misamis Occidental that aim to empower local communities by providing not only tourism related updates but also with news and information from all over the Province of Misamis Occidental, up to national and global audiences that interest the locals. 

The entity was initiated in 2014 as a Facebook page that was all about tourism and improvements of Oroquieta City. In March 2018, the creator of the page started regular updates on the page that made the entity to flourish and get noticed by the locals

The creator as a writer and digital marketing strategist spent his spare time just to give updates to the page followers. It was also when his struggle on depression and in his quest to find his purpose in life was a challenge. July of 2018, the creator got his biggest test in health and in life in general that made him decide to find other people to manage the page. He also started crusades that supported and promoted the good in tourism and environmental matters. 

Doing so, he was able to get two more administrators who can really work voluntarily on giving updates but all still under his moderation and approval. The three of them carried the page with authority and sense of truthfulness as they followed certain rules in publishing online.

December 2019, a new administrator was added who is now considered as the face of the page and is the go to person when it comes to giving idea to people who is administering the page. He now represents the page but with the support of the main administrator and the other two editors. The 4 of them helped each other and were having fun in all of their endeavors because they believe that they are helping the local community in terms of information and tourism.

2019 was the year that the page went full force in giving updates and really stood out as the source of reliable local information. It happened throughout the year that the followers increased dramatically.

2020 was a different year and the courage to level up was started but the pandemic happened. The group decided to stop publishing because of the tough time for everyone and the tourism industry was deeply affected. But the clamor of the people to get timely and comprehensive updates challenged them. The group decided to pool news and information to serve the locals; Oroquietanons and Misamisnons. Since then, the page has been updated 24 hours a day and been recognized by the people as their goto page for local news and information and inquiries. Few mainstream media have mentioned the page and its posts while few local executives keep an eye on their timely and relevant updates.

The administrators were very thankful to everyone for the support and help to make their goals happen. As individuals, they have their own take of how to help people and they are thankful to those people who really appreciate what they do and help them improve their coverage and their way of giving out information.

People of Oroquieta as a social media entity is independent and is not owned by any government agency or political organization. But as for the admins, as individuals, they have their own political biases and they support different causes. They respect everyone who has different ways of thinking and biases as they are but as admins of the page, they reserve the right to verify any post and promotions in accordance to the law and of Facebook community standards.

They try their best to be politically neutral but they cannot help it to feature a beautiful story about any politician who should be credited for doing something good to his constituents. They advise everyone to be open-minded about the opinions of others and really respect others for their affiliations.

The views and opinions expressed by the followers or commenters do not necessarily state or reflect those of the page and its admins. Furthermore, the views and opinions of the people in the videos or photos being posted do not reflect those of the admins, the page, and the entirety of Oroquieta City. They aim to promote a positive environment and awareness to every follower on their social media pages. 

Negatrons will be banned and negative comments will be deleted without further notice. So, they encourage everyone to think twice, be kind, and be helpful.

Photography/Tourism/Current Trends/Events
Jhanjhan Lim
(MedTech/Influencer/ Spiritual Counselor/Traveller)

Jai Tabiliran

Mark Egoc
(Host/Accounting Specialist)

Jessyl Montelfalco
Julie Chris
(Engineer, Office Staff, Licensed Teacher)

Founder/Content and Advertising Strategist
Bern Maghuyop
(Digital Marketing Professional/Influencer/Blogger/Writer)
(Blogging Contest King 2011 by BlogEngage)
(Personal Finance Blogging Contest Winner 2011)
(Best Technology Blogger 2011 by Philippine Blog Awards)
(Advertising Director at DESSVAS)

Special thanks to Al Dave for the photo we used above. Thank you very much. Please follow him on Aerial Photos of Oroquieta City.

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